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why moo?

When people think plant-based or vegan they often think salads, tofu and granola. Moo is working to change this paradigm of thought. Without sacrificing the flavor or texture that meat and dairy would traditionally bring to the plate, Moo offers entirely plant-based burgers, fries and craft beer. We didn't just want to create a great product that replaces and even surpasses beef, bacon and cheese; we wanted our restaurant to act as a reminder to honor and celebrate the very animals that would have otherwise been exploited and killed with the production of conventional burgers. So, we named our restaurant after the adorable sound our cow friends make. Moo is here so that when people think vegan, and eat our offerings, they don't just think of and experience your ordinary "vegan food." Instead, they experience no sacrifice, only the joy that a darn good burger brings, and they think of our animal friends that we share this planet with. Moo.

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call 360 433 9925 to order over the phone

ONLY Thursday-Saturday 5pm-8pm

Vancouver WA's only plant-based 


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