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about moo

Moo began in 2020, during a time when the world was truly starting to awaken to the importance of a plant-based world. With a demand for restaurants & hangouts that bridged the gap for both meat eaters and plant-based folks to dine and enjoy food and atmosphere together, the idea for Moo began. 

We knew vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike were tired of the ordinary veggie burger, as the only plant-based option, at any given restaurant. We wanted to create something more intentional, interesting and gourmet in the realm of plant-based burgers.


Moo offers four delicious vegan burgers for foodies in the Pacific Northwest, three standing recipes and one monthly changing special . Our burgers are made with impossible patties, local Grand Central Bakery buns from Portland, OR, as well as high quality produce. Our vegan cheeses were carefully chosen for their taste, textures and meltability. And, our fries were selected for their thin, crispy and amazing ability to be baked, while still being as good as deep fried.

Having an eclectic and unique rotating beer & cider menu was important as well. Keeping these offerings as local as possible with interesting ingredients was the criteria for this fun beer & cider menu. At Moo you will find perhaps a Habanero Cider or a Mai Tai Sour Ale. You just never know what one-of-a-kind beer or cider you may find. And, of course, our beers & ciders are always 100% vegan.

Lighting and ambiance was the last piece to the Moo vision. Think summer night grills, bistro lights, good food, great beer and excellent company. 

Moo also acts as a platform for awareness & activism for: 

-Animal Rights

-Human Rights

-Environmental Sustainability & Regeneration

-LGBTQ Rights

-Black Lives Matter

-Indigenous People's Rights

&  bringing an end to all injustice & oppression everywhere.

We are always looking for ways to help our local community as well as the planet as a whole in any of the movements listed above. Please reach out to us in how you can help be part of the change:


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