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2020 has shaken our world up quite a bit, and one thing so many of us miss are entertainment events. Moo wanted to adapt with the times to provide a new, fun, Covid-19 proof entertainment event for you and your household covid-crew. 

Introducing..."Dinner & a Scavenger Hunt". Online sales for our next scavenger hunt will go up on Saturday 10/24, at mooburgersandbeer.com, when you hit "ORDER ONLINE."


These dinner and game packages include one burger per player, one side per player,  and one optional growler per every two players. Packages will also gain teams access to a real-time scavenger hunt.


Challenges are all done at home and sent in via the Scavr app, on your phone. Teams have from 6pm till 8pm to  play the game.  Teams can eat their food before, during or after the game, depending on when they set their pickup time for. All teams are playing against each other in real time. Challenges completed and approved gain teams points. The top scoring three teams by 8pm win the top prizes. Teams can start the scavenger hunt any time after 6pm, and can pick up their food and drink at any point during Moo operating hours, 5pm-9pm, night of the real time scavenger hunt. Teams will have to choose the time they would like to pick up their food and drink when placing their scavenger hunt pre-order. Games are designed to be mostly done from home. Games are good for all ages. Challenges are sent in via your phone by video and photos. Examples of challenges we have done in the past include leap frog, karaoke and fun challenges involving your pets. 


Questions? Email suzie@mooburgersandbeer.com

First Prize:

$200 CASH

Second Prize:

$150 gift card to Moo Burgers & Beer or The Mighty Bowl

Third Prize:

$100 gift card to Nonavo Pizza or Bleu Door Bakery (team's choice!) for the 11/6 Scavenger Hunt (local eatery changes each scavenger hunt)

Minimum 2 players, Maximum 6 players.

Teams must download the Scavr app.

Teams choose what draft pours they would like to fill their growlers with upon picking up their packages. Must be 21 years of age or older to fill growlers with beer or cider. Growlers can be filled with kombucha. 

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